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Written by Richard Foster on 11. Aug, 2021
Hi, I would like a price of the gun buggy ($290) with the bottom drawer ($35) shipped to Duncannon, PA 17020.

Thank You

Written by Garry Frey on 15. Jun, 2021
I am interested in purchasing the following please advise availability and shipping to 17560 Pennsylvania USA.
No Bite Straight Trigger....$139.00
Straight Trigger for 1866.....$45.00
Henry 22 Short Stroke....... $75.00

Written by Steven Waite on 30. May, 2021
What would be the cost to send a gun cart to Fresno, California? I'm interested in a cart with all the extras. Just curious what shipping would cost me. Thanks!

Written by Garry Smith on 4. May, 2021
Hi looking at ordering a few items .Will i need a police permit to import as I an in NZ & the rules seem to change daily.

Written by Colin Hemmigs on 25. Apr, 2021
Hi can I get a price for a cart with folding shelf and 2 compartment drawer . It needs to hold 2 shot and 2 rif . I live in Brisbane , Queensland Australia. Thanks Col.

Written by John Davidson on 29. Mar, 2021
I am interested in acquiring one of the Gun Carts with the the additional Folding Shelf and Satin Finish.
I would also like to know if the Two Compartment Drawer below increases the breakdown Height, I am limited to a 19" clearance in the truck bed with the RETRAX Retracting Truck Bed Cover.
Also would inquire as to the turn-around time from order to shipping as I need a New Cart for Land Run this April.

Written by Katie Ferencz on 28. Mar, 2021
How much would shipping be to 1240 N Willard Rd, Canton, MI, USA. Any idea on a time-frame? I'm interested in the gun cart. Thanks!

Written by William5 Boyd on 28. Mar, 2021
Interested in gun cart. Need more info,where coming from,shipping price,just all the particulars on purchasing one.

Written by Aaron on 6. Mar, 2021
I'm interested in one of the gun carts with a loading shelf and a drawer. How much to ship? I also read somewhere that yall were located in Oklahoma. If so, where, and could I potentially pick it up?

Written by John on 1. Feb, 2021
Looking for a Uberti 1866 old style trigger

Written by Peter Sparrow on 12. Jan, 2021
Hi, recently purchased a Marlin 1894 one piece fifing pin through my mate The Prospector here in Alice Springs Northern Territory, I am after a carrier for the same firearm a Marlin 1894 Cowboy in 32 20. Have been told the 357 magnum is the same but not to sure, it has the Marlin Jam. Thank you. Peter.

Written by Royce on 31. Dec, 2020
Do you have the Lee Gunslinger Kits in stock?

Written by Bradley Gifford on 4. Dec, 2020
Howdy from Australia.
I would like to order
2 x Lever and side plate screws, 2 x Stainless steel magazine followers, 2 x stainless steel magazine springs for 45colt Uberti 66 and 73.
1 x stainless steel magazine follower and 1 x stainless steel magazine spring for 45/70 Marlin 1895.

Written by Gary Wells on 13. Sep, 2020
I have several questions and need a phone call to ask.

505 681-3687 or please give me your number and best time to call.

Written by Shane fountaine on 20. Aug, 2020
Do you still have the stoeger ss firing pins


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01.09 | 22:38

OK thanks.

01.09 | 09:21

Major Crimes,probably not strong enough for the exerted downward pressure for loading cylinder.

31.08 | 22:19

G'Day Jackaroo,
Is the folding loading shelf (on the top box) the type that you can screw a BP cylinder loading press onto?
MAJ Crimes

15.09 | 10:46
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