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Written by jon hughes on 8. May, 2020
hi like to order light spring kit for bl 22

Written by Brad Broomfield on 8. May, 2020
Hi, I would like to buy the Phantom one piece 1894 Marlin trgger..I am in Melbourne Australia.
Cheers Brad

Website: Clayton Sth
Written by David Myers (Jericho) on 14. Apr, 2020
Jackaroo just wandering if you have the pistol short stroke kits in yet??

Written by Dale Thorpe on 9. Apr, 2020
looking to order a straight trigger for a 1866 rifle

Written by Tony Devine aka Major Crimes on 17. Mar, 2020
Jackaroo, I found your website and would like to order the fol: 1. Slix Scraper for 38/357, 2. Mag tube plug and hex key (for Uberti 1866), 3. Dry fire kit for 38spcl pistol and rifle and 12g SG

Written by David Myers on 10. Mar, 2020
I'm interested in getting my (2) New Model SASS Vaquero's short stroked, using my hammers if possible ??
How much would this cost and how can I get my guns to you, I live in Bendigo Victoria.
Cheers Jericho.

Written by Bill Lechner on 3. Feb, 2020
Do you have pictures showing go/nogo on installment of the mainspring.

Written by Bill Lechner on 15. Jan, 2020
Like to order a Uberti 73, Superlight Leaf Main Spring.......................$35.00

Written by GOPHER on 24. Dec, 2019
Hi Jackaroo any chance of of you sending the rules to the Roosevelt match ? Ta Gopher

Written by Robert Hochstein on 26. Nov, 2019
Interested in purchasing a cart. Standard with all options - drawer, stain, shelf. Can you estimate shipping to Hawaii 96706? Do not need a rush so "ground" is OK.

Written by Ole undseth on 24. Oct, 2019
Hello. Is it possible to send parts to Norway?


Latest comments

29.04 | 09:44

Send me an email George

29.04 | 07:51

How to I get a cart?

31.03 | 11:19

Colin, send me an email or advise email address please, and I'll get back to you.

31.03 | 10:32

I live in brisbane . SSAA member. looking for a cart to hold 2 shot guns and 2 rif. as well as all the other gear. Thanks Col.

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